Ideas & Groups

Our Customers

Mrs. Fields fundraising works with all types of organizations in your community, including schools, sports teams, religious groups, and other clubs. Since 1977, Mrs. Fields has been known for serving up warm, freshly baked cookies in your community. Today we work with many types of groups to help them raise funds.

Below are examples of those groups:

  • School Fundraisers
    • Band Fundraisers
    • Booster Club Fundraisers
    • Catholic School Fundraisers
    • High School Fundraisers
    • Prom Fundraisers
    • PTA Fundraisers
    • PTO Fundraisers
  • Sports Fundraisers
    • Baseball Fundraisers
    • Basketball Fundraisers
    • Cheerleading Fundraisers
    • Football Fundraisers
    • Gymnastics Fundraisers
    • Hockey Fundraisers
    • Lacrosse Fundraisers
    • Little League Fundraisers
    • Soccer Fundraisers
    • Softball Fundraisers
    • Swim Team Fundraisers
  • Religious Organization Fundraisers
    • Catholic School Fundraisers
    • Catholic Youth Fundraisers
    • Church Fundraisers
    • Mission Trip Fundraisers
  • Community Organizations & Other Organizations
    • 4-H Fundraisers
    • Child Care Fundraisers
    • Choir Fundraisers
    • Community Fundraisers
    • Day Care Fundraisers
    • Fire Department Fundraisers
    • Scout Troop Fundraisers
    • Internet Fundraisers
    • Martial Arts Fundraisers
    • Relay for Life Fundraisers
    • Youth Fundraisers

Benefits to Your Organization

Here are some benefits for selecting Mrs. Fields as your organization’s fundraising partner:

  • The program is prepaid meaning no inventory for you to manage. Just order what you sell.
  • Each product is numbered and color-coded so that it can be distributed easily.
  • Mrs. Fields gives its organizations easy-to-use order forms, collection envelopes, tips for a successful fundraiser, posters, tally software and suggestions for how to be prepared on delivery day. Plus, organizations can enjoy the benefits of an experienced, well-known and professional company. The product practically sells itself!
  • All Mrs Fields products are labeled with nutrition information, and allergen information. Kids can enjoy preparing homemade cookies and specialty items.

Choose Mrs. Fields for your fundraiser. Sizeable profits, a great selection of products made with the finest ingredients and an easy fundraising process make fundraising for your organization fun!