Ship to Home Social Media -

Ship to Home Social Media

Similar to how your organization members need to know what the fundraiser goals are, your community needs to be informed as well. You have the responsibility of getting the information out to them. With the internet and social media at your fingertips, your opportunities are endless. Here’s a few ways you can do this.

1. Parent Communication. These bits of information are essential. Providing sellers and parents with details regarding the fundraiser will increase the profit raised by your group.
2. Social Media. Utilize the organizations social media pages, communication tools, and e-mail blasts to keep your sellers and other members engaged by giving updated information and reminders to keep everyone invested. Encourage your members to share and post about the fundraiser to increase their sales.
a. You will receive your custom web address and QR code to add to all your communication.
b. Check out our marking posting schedule that gives you copyable posts and a generic schedule to follow.

Check out our example posting schedule and customizable images and posts here:

10 Social Media Posts

10 PA Announcements

10 Email Blasts

Ship to the Home Commercial – Coming Soon!