Ship-to-Home Fundraising -

Ship-to-Home Fundraising

Fundraising with Mrs. Field’s has never been so easy! With our entirely online Ship-to-Home fundraisers, you can have friends and family support your cause without the worry of collecting money or a delivery! Once the sale is over, we’ll send your customers their products and your organization the profits! It’s totally hassle-free!

Ship-to-Home Product Selection and Profit

Ship-to-Home Cookies

We have selected our Top Flavors from the traditional fundraising programs! Each box of cookie dough contains 24 frozen, preportioned cookies, ready to bake! We ship your products from local distribution centers to maintain a transit time of less than 3-days and ensure your product comes in fresh!

Your customers will love knowing that they’re receiving top quality, branded products right to their door, and they get to support your cause!

How It Works

Once you’re signed up, we’ll set your organization up with an online store. Each seller in your organization will have a customizable webpage so they can tell their own story and set a goal that their customers can see. Each portal is set up with e-mail templates, which they can personalize and send out, links for posting to social media, and some quick tips on how to engage with customers and sell the products.

Customers will go to the link, select the products they want, input their information and pay by credit card. Once the sale is over, we’ll ship all the products out and send your organization the profits! It’s that easy! No stress over setting up a handout, no need for door-to-door selling, and no collecting money!