Little League Fundraisers -

Little League Fundraisers

Little League players standing in line before a game.

Why Mrs. Fields is in a League of Their Own

For young children in the U.S., taking part in America’s favorite pastime teaches skills on and off the field that can last a lifetime. Whether it’s aspirations to play in the major leagues or just playing for the love of baseball, Little League is filled with childhood memories your youngsters will remember for a long time.

If your Little League team needs to raise funds to help offset the cost of equipment, uniforms or provide for other activities, then check out the variety of delicious fundraising options with Mrs. Fields. Here’s what makes fundraising with Mrs. Fields a good call:

1. Consumers Choose Food First…

When making fundraising purchases consumers are choosing food first. Mrs. Fields is a leader in food fundraising. Our programs feature delicious pre-portioned cookie dough, tasty desserts, and snacks….All from an industry leader.

2. Excellent Profits

Earn high profits per item sold selling our products. We have a proven track record of excellent profits for all types of organizations. NO customer is too small; we help all organizations reach their goals.

3. Brochures that Make Selling Easy

We supply beautiful product brochures for each seller at no cost to you.  The brochures are designed to make selling easy with appealing product pictures and descriptions. Click here to see them

4. Online ordering

Concerned with not being able to reach extended family and other non-local supporters? Mrs. Fields has developed an online ordering system to mitigate that problem! Just follow the steps on our online ordering platform and watch your sales grow even more!