Testimonials -


Mrs. Fields Fundraising’s team holds itself to a high standard of quality and customer service. We believe that its more important to delivery quality to the end customer rather than worry about pumping up numbers and giving sub-par service to everyone.
Below, we have some testimonials from groups that have run with Mrs. Field’s Fundraising and have voluntarily come forward with their experience.

If you’d like to tell us how we helped your group, feel free to reach out on the Contact Us Page!

“Mrs. Fields is a wonderful product, there is really something for everyone!  Customers looked forward to purchasing items and even stopped back in a week after pickup to see if they could order more!  Parents in our booster organization have friends who are asking how they can get more cinnamon rolls to this day.  As an organizer, the delivery and passing out of items could not be easier.  We were able to line up our orders alphabetically and had no problem passing everything out in one afternoon.  We were  able to fund really important projects with our profits and the students had an easy time selling to our community.” – Sarah D. Park Ridge, IL. , 2022
“Its unbelievable how many people want this product! We’ve never had such high demand for a fundraising product before.” – Julie W. , 2021
“Its incredible the growth we’ve seen year after year with these products!” – (Preferred Anonymity), Topeka, KS. , 2021