Sports Fundraising -

Sports Fundraising

Reasons Teams Across the United States are Picking Mrs. Fields for Their Fundraising Needs

With a simple, easy-to-follow fundraising program, Mrs. Fields is the frontrunner when it comes to supporting sports teams.

From baseball and soccer to gymnastics and hockey, all sports are different and require different fundraising strategies. Some sports teams primarily employ fundraising to cut down on the cost of uniforms. For others, having newer, safer equipment is more a priority. Still others are looking to raise money for social activities for the team, or perhaps to cover the costs of a tournament or travel event. Whatever your need for fundraising is, Mrs. Fields is a great company to choose because of its selection of different fundraising programs available to meet your needs. Here’s what makes our programs a first-place finish:

1. Consumers Choose Food First…

When making fundraising purchases consumers are choosing food first. Mrs. Fields is a leader in food fundraising.  Our programs feature delicious pre-portioned cookie dough, tasty desserts, and snacks….All from an industry leader.

2. Excellent Profits

Earn high profits per item sold selling our products. We have a proven track record of excellent profits for all types of organizations. NO customer is too small; we help all organizations reach their goals.

3. Brochures that Make Selling Easy

We supply beautiful product brochures for each seller at no cost to you.  The brochures are designed to make selling easy with appealing product pictures and descriptions.