Planning for your Fundraiser -

Planning for your Fundraiser

Planning for your Fundraiser

To prepare, it’s best to gather all the details for your fundraiser event so you can clearly communicate the information to everyone when necessary.

We recommend visiting all tabs of this planner to view and prepare each part of your fundraiser. Your fundraiser will be more successful when your supports are aware of the purpose of the fundraiser.

Historically, groups that shred their reason for the fundraiser raised over 50% more than groups that did not.

Below is a list of questions to use to help prepare your plan. Take those answers from the questions and use this planning calendar to create a plan for your entire fundraiser.

Click on the calendar button to print a planning calendar.

Planning Calendar

What is our dollar goal? How much money do we need to raise? Use this equation below to figure out how many units each seller will need to sell to reach your dollar amount goal. Use the average retail amount of $20.

Your Total Dollar Goal divided by # of Sellers = Average Dollar Per Seller divided Average Retail Price = Number of Units Each Seller needs to Sell

Example: If your groups goal is to sell $20,000 and has 400 students in your school then your equation would look like this.

$20,000 divided 400 = $50 divided $20 = 2.5 units would need to be sold by each seller. Let each seller know that if they sell just 3 items your school will reach the goal.

Our purpose: How will we use the money raised? Communicating this information thru a parent letter or video link will encourage sellers and people to participate in the fundraiser. Try to make your purpose and specific as possible. A general goal like fields trips won’t excite families but a more specific goal like each grade will go on 2 fields trips thru your participation gives the seller a more specific to work towards.

How will we leverage the Mrs. Fields brand to encourage more sales? The Mrs. Fields brand is widely known 


How do we make this fundraiser follow social distant guidelines?


How will we motivate our sellers so more participated in this sale?


What is our desired delivery week for this sale?


When do we need to submit our order to Mrs. Fields Fundraising?


When do all Sellers/Parents need to send in their orders to us?


What is the start date of this sale?


When is the scheduled kick-off and what are the details?


Do we need our Mrs. Fields Independent representative to assist us in planning this event?


What is the best way to communicate with everyone?