Distribution -


We are so happy to work with you to help you raise those much needed funds! We are a little different than other fundraising companies, since we use local distribution and trucking companies to deliver your fundraising products.

Work with your sales representative to determine the week your group would like delivery.

Based on that preferred week, we then need to count backwards to set your order cutoff date. Your order must be placed by that cutoff date to ensure delivery for that week.

Set your supporters and students’ “last day to order” date 3 to 4 days earlier than your order cutoff date. Since we cannot accommodate late orders placed after 12 pm EST on your predetermined cut off day, these extra few days will help you pull together any last-minute or lost orders.

Allow 7-10 business days for you local delivery company to receive your fundraising products. Once they receive the products on your order, they will contact you to set up a delivery date and estimated time for delivery out to you.
Since your delivery is part of their existing delivery route, the delivery company will give an estimated delivery time but plan for the truck to arrive anytime up to an hour before or after that delivery time.

At the delivery, the driver will count the total cases with you and ask you to sign to confirm all the product has arrived. By signing the delivery notice you have accepted all the product has arrived. If any product is missing please note it on the delivery notice before you sign it. If the delivery company has not delivered the correct product we will credit you for these missing items based on the delivery notice.