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Fundraise Today, Empower Tomorrow

Mrs. Fields’ Fundraising is dedicated to making our fundraisers have an impact beyond the classroom. For that reason, we have found a partner that will help expand your fundraiser’s reach. By running a fundraiser with Mrs. Fields’, you can make money for you programs AND brighten the future of your participants. Participants can earn Tuition Rewards points from grades K-12 towards scholarship programs with over 440 participating universities!

Each semester, participants will have the ability to earn up to 2,500 Tuition Rewards points towards a scholarship program for one of our participating partnered universities. Participants can earn this in multiple different Mrs. Field’s fundraisers (in school, with their sports team, etc.), or all at once. With our programs participants can easily track their points online, share their progress, and even utilize some of our extra, non-fundraising ways to make sure they maximize their points each semester! These points could earn your student up to 25% off their college tuition!

Tuition Rewards College Graduate

Tuition Rewards Participants and Group Leaders

To our fundraising sponsors / leaders, we know that sometimes running a fundraiser can seem like a daunting task. We’ve taken feedback about which parts of fundraisers give the most trouble. For instance, the handout! Every sponsor is concerned that families won’t come pick up their order from a hand-out. For this reason, we’ve integrated a level in our point system that ensures you will have sellers attend the hand-out.

What if my participant doesn’t want to go to any of the listed colleges?

Our list of partnering colleges is always expanding! If your desired university is not on the list today, it could be in the future! When the time comes, if the desired college is not a partner yet, these points are transferrable to immediate family members! Visit our partners page for information on how to transfer points.

Partner with Mrs. Field’s Fundraising and join our initiative to help beyond the classroom. Fund your group’s need now, while empowering the future of your participants!

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